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Creative Therapies prefers that you hold a regular session time on a weekly or biweekly basis as it maintains a conscious routine in our schedules that can be an added value to your therapy process. With children, research shows that consistency in routine is necessary and beneficial to development. The same holds true for adolescents having regular routines. Adults can also benefit from consistency, particularly to build emotional momentum and making your mental health a priority. When needed or requested, we do offer flexibility in weekly schedules. Keep in mind not having a set appointment time each week opens up the risk of not being able to see your therapist if there is no availability in the schedule. 48hr and 24hr reminders are sent regularly to assist you avoiding late cancellation charges for unused sessions and staying within our attendance policy within 75% of your monthly commitment.  


Weekend sessions are something not a lot of other practices offer...but we are open every Saturday. That said, we know things can come up with a standing weekend appointment. If you decide to hold a weekly or biweekly weekday or weekend appointment with Creative Therapies and need to cancel it is required that you reschedule within that same week at another time. Missing more than half of your sessions in a calendar month without an attempt to reschedule can result in being placed into a “drop-in” category until a new arrangement/commitment can be made. Drop-ins are offered and filled as available during a week where other cancellations have been made, however this process is not sustainable as a long term solution in our practice.   


Vacations are absolutely something that can be worked around for all our clients. Creative Therapies clinicians also take vacations. All that we ask is if there is a week or more that is going to be missed that you should show your therapist the same courtesy they would for you with ample notice. For example, whenever making a vacation plan that overlaps with your scheduled session dates just let your therapist know ASAP. Many clients wait until the week before to give notice and that is less ideal but acceptable. We often have other clients who would benefit from knowing they could use your reserved time or for future client consultations. Summer camps for child clients also require rescheduling confirmation in advance to be able to hold your place again in the fall. 

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