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Before scheduling an appointment with us you will need to be familiar with our billing process. Creative Therapies is no longer in-network with any insurance companies. We work exclusively out-of-network offering a superbill for individual therapy services that you can submit to your insurance on a monthly basis. Billing for couples and family therapy sessions are coded differently and requires prior authorization from your insurance. Payments need to be made on the day of each session and no later than the next scheduled session with cash (no personal checks please) or through Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or Credit Card. 


Creative Therapies requests that you first confirm your out-of-network benefits eligibility prior to making an appointment. This information is often also listed on your insurance card to determine the percentage for reimbursements from our standard rate. Requests for sliding scale rates can only be considered on a case by case basis and often fall into less requested schedule times with the understanding that rates would be renegotiated at a later date. Out-of-pocket payers (uninsured clients or those preferring privacy) are also eligible for the same services with a negotiable on-going processing fee discount. This and other questions can be addressed in your initial phone consultation.


All contact time with a Creative Therapies clinician is coded and billable. Anything outside of our initial free phone consultation does constitute payment and scheduling time as available that is prorated from your session rate depending on the amount of time needed. Our therapists are specifically trained to work with the client and not necessarily the payer, however consented session updates and general status reports are available by request by email at no additional charge along with your monthly receipts. Direct contact or “check-ins” for payers with therapists can be scheduled to be in-person, phone, or zoom as available at your agreed session rate but may have a different reimbursement rate as it is not essentially psychotherapy.  

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