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Creative Therapies views therapy as a sacred space, something of a gallery for our thoughts to be explored and shared. We can go in any direction needed for your therapy tailored to you through talking, visual arts, music and movement at whatever pace is most desirable at your comfort level.


Even though our experience is highly regarded and effective we prefer not being called the experts…as that closes the door on our learning from you and with you. We much prefer the term well versed in what we do with the intention to keep growing and learning together.


In fact, through this psychodynamic process of psychotherapy, we feel that you are the one true expert of you and our session progress is something that shines light on the understanding gained through our treatment together. 


Treatment Options

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Talk, Art Therapy and/or Authentic Movement

45 minutes

$250 per session

Relational Psychotherapy

60 minutes

$375 per session

Structural Psychotherapy

60 minutes

$375 per session

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