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Dance/Movement Therapy

It is well known how we hold stress in our muscles but did you know we also carry many past emotional traumas in our bodies? Creative Therapies NYC has a licensed and board-certified Authentic Movement DMT on staff as an additional treatment option for your healing process as a proven therapeutic release. Authentic Movement is the ritual of tending to, responding from, and acting on one’s genuine movement impulses. An impulse can be anything: a physical sensation, a memory, an image, a feeling, or just a desire to move a certain way. Practiced in both group and individual settings, Authentic Movement seeks directly address the essential human conflict between the desire for and the fear of being truly seen. Dance/movement therapy focuses on the dynamic interplay of thoughts, feelings, and physical experiences. Through creative role-playing, talking, and spontaneous movement, our therapy practice offers unique expertise and tools to help you live your best, most creative life. 


Use the contact button below and request to work with Suzanne Garrison MS, LCAT, BC-DMT.

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